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God's love for you has never been in question. It is your love for God that is questionable. God loves you! That is why He saturates you with His Spirit—Grace. Do you love God back? If you do, show your love for God in exactly the same way God shows His love for you: God gave you His spirit. You messed it up. Out of mercy, He turned around and gave the life of His only begotten Son for you to be cleaned from your mess. Shouldn’t you take it from Him, and be restored? Even while you are filthy, God continues to uphold your life and safeguard it with His Grace. We constantly ask God to do this or that for us. And God does answer our prayers. Jesus Christ told us in the gospels, not to worry about what to eat, what to wear, or where to live. If you trust Jesus Christ, stop worrying about your life. God does not make promises He does not plan to keep. Your God knows everything you need better than you know them. He will make good on all His promises to you. The problem is you—and not God. Have you made any promises to God, the same way God made promises to you? Have you promised to accomplish anything for God? That is the problem with all human beings. We constantly ask to be given, but never to be sent. Just like Prophet Isaiah, we each must make ourselves available for service in the kingdom of God. The Bible said that fearing God and obeying God’s commands is our only duty. If that is all we have to live for, fearing God and obeying His commands is, therefore, a mighty job. Why are we not doing the job then? Why do we continue to wait for the Lord to do something for us, when we are not even taking care of the only duty God created us for? Could that be the reason why we do not always receive what we ask for? It is time, therefore, we stop asking only to receive; but also, what we can do for the kingdom of God. If we have a life’s duty, as the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 12:13, we are also due handsome payments when we perform the duty. That is why the Bible says that the worker expects his wages. Let’s do everything within our power for the kingdom of God, so that God will reward us abundantly.


Ask What You Can Do For The Kingdom of God, part 1 (AUDIO BOOK)

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    Ask What You Can Do For the Kingdom of God

    pg. 3


    God Gave You Wealth so You can Serve God with Your Wealth

    pg. 7


    The Worldly Man is a Rogue Detachment

    pg. 39


    All Churches Must Feed & Take Care of God’s People

    pg. 45


    We Must Answer Christ’s Call To Serve—Not to Be Served By God

    pg. 51


    Jesus Christ Physically Attacked Prosperity “Christianity”

    pg. 53


    No Congregation Should Think of Itself as Above the Others – “You Are All Brothers”

    pg. 69


    Love Never Desires to Overshadow Authority

    pg. 87


    Authority always precedes Love

    pg. 105


    Mankind Chooses Sinful Nature over its God-given Humanity

    pg. 109


    God’s Sanctions are Concessions out of Mercy, not God’s Approval

    pg. 115


    Sin Kills and Continues to Kill

    pg. 121


    Lip-Service Christianity is Unbelief in Jesus Christ and God

    pg. 135


    About the author

    pg. 147


    Other Titles from This Author

    pg. 149

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