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Every family on earth and in heaven derives its name from God the Father. This means that as humans take their family names as their last names, every member of the human family on earth, has the name of God attached to their names—as their ultimate last name—for the glory of God who formed and made them out of Love, and has imparted His qualities and goodness on every single one of them. The importance of each of our last names to our lives is not so others can identify us as discrete individuals. The true importance of the last name that we each have is to reflect the values put into us in our upbringing. Our last names tell other people who we truly are! Our last name is designed by God to tell everyone we meet in life what values our family holds dear to their respective hearts. Our last name represents the journey we’ve made in our lives—where we have been; our experiences; our triumphs and failures—as part of our life experiences within our respective families. Our last names bear the hallmarks of the qualities our life’s experiences had molded us into. According to this revelation of God, we are our last names. In much the same way human parents raise their children to grow up with certain values that would serve them well in life; God gave to all mankind His commands, and set automatic measures to keep us all in straight path, to avoid any of us falling off the cliff and plunging to our spiritual deaths. God filled the earth and the entire universe with His Grace to replenish us and restore us so we can continue to grow and mature spiritually; and to sustain all our life’s processes—biological and otherwise.

Every Family on the Earth Derives its Name From God (DIGITAL VERSION)

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    Every Family on Earth Derives its Name from God



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