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God makes His laws around His wisdom. Laws built on God’s wisdom becomes science—a systematic approach to all things, to all knowledge and to all understanding. Science, therefore, is God’s laws, wholly and firmly established on God’s wisdom! In other words, all the perfect creations of God in the six days of creation in Genesis, and afterwards, are each and collectively, science! If science is “God’s laws established on God’s wisdom,” why do the world scientists believe that they have got this superior knowledge that defies God and the truths of the Bible? They developed that belief because science to them is “work in progress.” Instead of trusting God, keeping their faith in God, and building their knowledge from God’s vantage point of view; they started their learning from the bottom, going up; believing that “reverse engineering” always produces the same result as the “original engineering;” when in reality it is not always so—especially with God. Disobedience of God is a grave sin. And God does not look kindly at anyone that tramples underfoot the very life inside them—God.  The world’s science only becomes work in progress because the world scientists have shut themselves out of the precision science of God, which God carefully outlined in the Bible for mankind. And because God has never for one second since time started, relinquished the control of anything He had created, the world scientists’ incremental approach to science would unavoidably bring them face to face with God—individually, and in groups. Some have already met God that way, but did not live, or retain the intellectual capacity, to tell about it. The Bible is the most complete set of scientific procedures ever written. The Bible is God's testament about how God established all things in creation on God's wisdom; and what steps must be meticulously followed by each and every human being to conform to the science of life on the earth, as each human person journeys through God.     Science is God's laws established on God's wisdom! Your life is the greatest scientific project you will ever undertake in this world. You are science: Your entire body is science; and your entire mind is science. Medical science is built on the science of your body and your mind. Human studying of your body and your mind does not even begin to compare to the divine design and divine creation of your body and your mind! Does it make sense to give the car wash and the car mechanic, who learned to maintain your car, more credit and better rewards for their ingenuity and creativity, than you give to the car manufacturer, who designed the car, manufactured the car, tested the car to make sure the car meets the requirements of its design, and included a detailed manual on the care, safety and maintenance of the car, for your benefit? You don’t say! The fact that every new car comes with a detailed care and maintenance manual, with the manufacturer’s contact information; and trained attendants at the manufacturer’s place who are ready to promptly assist you; has enabled some car owners to actually learn to wash and maintain their own cars; thereby bypassing the car wash and the mechanic altogether. The Bible is the detailed care and maintenance manual for your body, your mind and all of your activities and interactions in life.  And God continually remains the trained attendant at the manufacturer’s place; who stands ready to promptly assist you with all your needs! Your life comes fully equipped. And your life’s care and maintenance facility comes fully stocked and fully staffed with expert knowledge. How can you go wrong using God’s set-up? The clear and concise set of instructions, which God gave to all human beings in the Bible, allows each and every human person, who cares to take charge of their own lives, to read up, and learn about how they can best maintain their lives and keep filth and contaminations away from their lives.

Life Is A Journey In God Through God!

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