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First, God created MATTER---water and the earth---Genesis 1:1-2. Next, He created TIME---Let there be light, and Jesus Christ dawned as light on the earth (John 1:1-5) and time started (Day 1,  and counting)---Genesis 1:3-5.     Then, God created SPACE----Let there be an expanse between the waters ..., and space was created under vacuum ---Day 2, Genesis 1:6-8.       God then created the land out of the water, through volcanic eruptions and resulting tsunamis. Land formed and the sea collected away from the land --Day 3--Genesis 1:9-10.     Following, God commanded for lights in the expanse of heaven (Day 4, Genesis 1:14-19) and the original light (Jesus Christ) that lit the earth on 'Day 1' through 'Day 3'  transformed into the celestial bodies in the UNIVERSE (Ephesians 4:4-10).



The Big Bang: And Jesus Christ Birthed the Universe! (AUDIO BOOK)

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    God Created the Earth and The Universe

    pg. 3


    Here Is God Himself Telling The Story Of Creation

    pg. 55


    Let There Be Light, And There Was Light

    Pg. 83


    Why Did God Allow Darkness on The Earth?

    pg. 101


    The Big Band—And Jesus Christ Birthed the Universe

    pg. 109


    The Earth was Formless—All Part of The Design, And Not Flaw

    pg. 135


    Conclusion – God First Created The Earth, And Then He Created The Universe!

    pg. 141


    Warning To The World

    pg. 151


    Internet Excerpts



    About the author

    pg. 167


    Other Titles from This Author

    pg. 171

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