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First, God created MATTER---water and the earth---Genesis 1:1-2. Next, He created TIME---Let there be light, and Jesus Christ dawned as light on the earth (John 1:1-5) and time started (Day 1,  and counting)---Genesis 1:3-5.     Then, God created SPACE----Let there be an expanse between the waters ..., and space was created under vacuum ---Day 2, Genesis 1:6-8.       God then created the land out of the water, through volcanic eruptions and resulting tsunamis. Land formed and the sea collected away from the land --Day 3--Genesis 1:9-10.     Following, God commanded for lights in the expanse of heaven (Day 4, Genesis 1:14-19) and the original light (Jesus Christ) that lit the earth on 'Day 1' through 'Day 3'  transformed into the celestial bodies in the UNIVERSE (Ephesians 4:4-10).

The Big Bang: And Jesus Christ Birthed the universe

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