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God is infinite energy plus the sum total of all the energies in the universe, visible and invisible; thermal, nuclear, sonic, light, magnetic, electrical, chemical, potential, hydrostatic, and all of the other forms of energy known and unknown; enthalpies and entropies. Evil exists because good exists. God created Satan so God could demonstrate His powers against Satan.

And without evil to contrast with, it will be difficult to understand good; and almost impossible to understand how difficult it is to do good. God allowed evil around us so we can develop aversion to it, and continuously choose good for our own goodness. You have not loved until you show love in the middle of injustice and unfairness. Everything God created in the natural has a spirit God matches with it, that controls it.

Every discrete particle; every living cell; every microorganism or virus; every discrete body tissue or body organ; every structure; every motion; every human emotion; every discrete object or system of objects; every celestial body or orbital system; every human establishment or human society—if it is real to man or exists in man’s intellect—has a designated spirit in charge of it. And because the Spirit of God fills the earth, the universe and beyond completely (Ephesians 4:6-10); to God, moving anything from one point on the earth and the universe to another point on the earth and the universe, is like moving something from your left hand to your right hand. That is why everything God does within the earth and the universe takes only an instant.

Moving from the natural realm into the supernatural realms also takes an instant for the same reason. All of the spirits that exist everywhere are parts of the same Spirit that is God. It is not cumbersome—nor does it take much of any time—for God to move anything from one part of Him, to another part of Him; just as it is not cumbersome—nor does it take much of any time—for a man to move anything from his left hand to his right hand.

The Spirit of God is God. And since the Spirit of God fills the earth and the universe completely, God fills the earth and the universe completely. And His Son Jesus Christ fills the earth and the universe completely. God is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. God the Trinity work is the One God and the creator of the earth and the universe and everything in them.   

That is why nothing escapes God: He is over all of His creation; through all His creation and in all His creation. (Ephesians 4:6)The spirit God puts in mankind is inseparably bound to the soul that is the human being. The Bible says that life is in the blood. That places both the soul and the spirit of man in the blood. And the Bible also says that the word of God is so sharp it divides the spirit from the soul.

Sins concentrate evil waves around the people committing the sins. That is why the person who commits a sin is the one most affected by the evil wave his sin generates. Any human community that has more people committing moral atrocities has proportionately higher concentration of the evil wave within the community than a community that has fewer offenders.

To understand what we are talking about in practical terms, visualize specialized sensors that operate 24/7, strategically built into each human being. These sensors only detect sin (wrongdoing). And each time it detects sin, it triggers activators within the individual.

These activators activate the evil waves within the person’s immediate vicinity—we are continually surrounded by the good and the evil waves, just as we are continually surrounded by the atmospheric gases.  And once these activators inside the human person are turned on by the sin sensors, they create access on the individual for the activated evil waves to enter the individual; and do havoc within the individual.

Remember, activated evil wave destroys the human life and rots out the human body, and ultimately leads to death.

The God of Science (AUDIO BOOK)

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    Who Is God!



    The Supremacy of God



    God Retains the Master Key to Everything



    Equal and Opposite Forces



    God Never Changes



    Everything Is Whatever God Says It Is



    The Bible is Science before Mankind coined the word “Science”



    Constants: Science’s biggest blunder, and the devil’s greatest deceptive tool!



    The Kingdom of God



    Godliness is Infinitely …



    Mercy Triumphs over Judgment



    The Powers of Heaven and the Peoples of the Earth



    General Wisdom



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