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One thing is clear: scientists have learned that God does not conform to anybody’s reality; He created truth and marshals it. You either conform to it or He will make you look like a fool. And nobody wants to get burned since all new scientific findings are met with great fanfare and accolade; so why risk ridicule researching in spiritual realm employing worldly methodology when you could just focus on the power of your mind on non-spiritual things. All things that God created are organized in a unique fashion and each grouping, from the simplest to the most complex, has a single thread running through it. There is a single thread that runs through all the entire array of animals and plants that God created; and that single thread is the biological cell. The biological cell is the fundamental unit of life in all living things; from one-cell organisms, such as bacteria, to the complex multi-cell organisms, such as the human body. And because of the similarity in the composition and functionality of the biological cells in all animals and plants some in the scientific community have taken it upon themselves to dismiss God from creation and instead propose that life on earth came into existence as a result of space and time coming together in a unique way.Our second single thread can be seen in the basic materials that are present in all things. Everything seen in the universe is made from a finite number of basic materials known in science as elements. These elements are organized in a table called “The Periodic Table”. The periodic table lists all known elements in the universe following a finite pattern. Again, there is a single thread that runs through the elements on this table. That single thread is called the Atomic Number. This atomic number represents the number of positive charges in each element on this table. Among the elements known, the simplest is Hydrogen and the largest is Roentgenium. Our third single thread can be seen in the light spectrum. On the invisible but still natural side, God gave us media that is generally classified in Science as the Electromagnetic Spectrum. The "electromagnetic spectrum" is a term used to describe the entire range of light radiation, from radio waves to gamma rays. The visible light that we all see is a very tiny portion of this light spectrum. Even the visible light is composed of all the colors that exist, except black. The ‘color’ black is not a color. Black is a result of the visible light being taken away (darkness). That is why it becomes pitch black when the light goes out. “Let there be light.” And there was light because God spoke the word. Not only did He hide all the colors inside the visible light (the portion that allows us to see things), He extended the light into zones to the left that we cannot see, and zones to the right that we cannot see; and made the light in those zones still useful to us. Adam and Eve and so many others that follow them, saw the visible light but were totally unaware of these other zones of light. When finally, God decided to reveal these hidden zones of light to us, He made it happen. We learned of their existence and worked hard, again, through his help, and figured out ways of using them to bring useful services to our lives. There is nothing we do that works that we do without God’s permission and assistance.

The Singleness of God! (AUDIO BOOK)

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    The Singleness of God

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