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A woman is a ripple, placed by God, her Father, into a serene world, to bring color and character to life, and she did—a little too much, it appeared; but not anything her Father could not contain.  All the riches of the earth and the universe belong to Him. He is the King of kings, the Beginning and the End. The woman’s name was Eve, the definition of beauty, with gait and poise, and easy on the eyes. The whole world stopped at her introduction, as she was the last to be added. And she was different from anything before her. She had more touch of Grace than all the others before her, because she was a messenger of her Father, the Most High God. She was sent to the man to keep him on straight path, and help keep his spirit from waning. She was love, and immediately fell in love with the man she was sent to. And the whole world bore witness to the magic that happened when they met. She had a free spirit that gave her wings; and a mind that was insatiable.  She went in search of knowledge and overstepped, but mercy saved her and the world she tainted. Sad and distressed, she wished she could take it all back, but what was done was irreversible. Thankfully, she had a loving Father, who would never let her waste away. He stepped in and broke her fall, and saved everything she almost destroyed. Saddened but not angered, He immediately went to work, to redeem the daughter that was very dear to His heart. He gave her a new nature, to protect her against the inquisitiveness of her mind. He tied her spirit to her mind, so that her spirit will buttress her mind and stabilize her life against the torrents her mind attracts.  Then, He set boundaries for her to follow. With gratitude to Him and a feeling of giddiness about the future, she rode gallantly into the sunset, bidding goodbye to the ruins of her little misstep. Determined not to ever lapse in judgment again, she prudently marched off into the future, with her sight set on the price, and her heart filled with the love she had come to know and cherish. Her Father went with her everywhere she went, even though she was booted from the home she knew and loved. It was for her preservation, and she knew that too. She remained contented in the boundaries set for her, and tackled life with undiminished fervor, and won triumphantly. Her marriage became her life, and success came, one after another: She received the prize of her marriage, and satisfied the prize for her creation. And she gave thanks to her Father, without whom none of that would have been possible, cherishing every minute she shared with her loving husband, who was drunk with her love, and went everywhere with her.

Who God Created The Woman To Be! (DIGITAL VERSION)

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    Who God Created the Woman To Be

    Pg.  3


    Who God created the Man to Be

    Pg. 6


    The Science of How God Operates the Human Life

    Pg. 11


    The Science of How God Operates the Human Intelligence

    Pg. 15


    Science: How God—through Spoken Word—Controls Everything

    Pg. 19


    Who God Created The Woman to Be

    Pg. 35


    The Woman is to Marriage, What Space is to the Universe

    Pg. 40


    Sex is Marriages Biggest Liability

    Pg. 43


    The Way God designed Marriage to Really Work

    Pg. 44


    The Truth About Life and Nature

    Pg. 50


    The Woman is a Gift of God to the Man

    Pg. 53 


    A Woman Who Disobeys the Commands of God in Her Marriage , Hurts Herself Immensely

    Pg.  56


    Here is a Word of Wisdom for any Woman Who is in a Difficult Situation in Her Marriage – Become more than a Conqueror!

     Pg.  66


    The Truths of God, and the Bible, must be Spiritually Discerned; and not Mentally Deciphered

    Pg.  72


    Here is a Wisdom of God that your Husband can Count on - Which You must Take Seriously

    Pg.  78


    Remain Confident in the Promises of the Lord - not in Civil Systems

    Pg.  79


    Keep all Outside Influences Away from Your Marriage

    Pg.  83


    God has Given Every Woman the Privilege to Reign with her Sons

    Pg.   95


    Mary, Sarah And Eve – God Continues The Garden Of Eden Inside Each Woman’s Womb

    Pg. 109


    The Reformed Eve was a Good Role Model for All the Women that Came After Her

    Pg. 117


    Unfaithfulness in Marriage not Limited to Extramarital Affairs

    Pg. 129


    Sex is an Aberration and Not a Gift to Marriage

    Pg. 135


     Eve was Thankful for God’s Mercy in Her Life

    Pg. 137


    Men and Women Illustrated using the Sun and the Moon

    Pg. 143


    It is Arrogance that Prevented Human Science from Discerning the Science of the Scriptures

    Pg. 145


    God Designates a Bright Future for Every Baby in the Womb

    Pg. 163


    The Parallels Between the Woman’s Womb and the Garden of Eden

    Pg. 167


    Life Only Comes from Life – The Sperm and the Egg

    Pg. 171


    Encouragements to the Woman

    Pg. 173


    The Story of Esther Is The Story Of Two women In One Marriage

    Pg. 175


    The Woman Is The Marriage; And Marriage Is A Call To Serve!

    Pg. 197


    How Can You Be Sure That You Love God?

    Pg. 211


    Forcing God’s Hand Cannot Make Disobedience Acceptable To God

    Pg. 227


    Only that Which is Good can Turn Herself into what is Evil

    Pg. 233



    Pg. 234



    Pg. 240


    The Rewards of Righteousness

    Pg. 241


    Why Did God Allow Sin Into The World

    Pg. 245


    About the Author

    Pg. 255


    Other Titles From This Author

    Pg. 257

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