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The only thing that is absolute in the universe is God. Everything else is relative, including the earth, the sun, the moon, man, nature and the entire cosmos. (Genesis 1:1).

Anything that is true is true because of God. What we see and experience appear the way we know them because there is God Almighty. If you look at anything and do not see God, then you have missed the whole point of the Bible and the meaning of life itself. God must be the reference point for every consideration in this world, or nothing real could be achieved. He is everything and anything. His existence causes all else to exist. Without His existence, and continued presence in everything, nothing exists. (Colossians 1:16).

It all becomes a figure of anyone’s imagination. “I AM” is His name because He is, has been and will always be. (Exodus 3:14).

And because He is, we are, and everything else is. He is everybody and everything, and nothing exists outside of Him. He was. He is. He has always been. And He will forever be. (Revelation 1:8 & Revelation 22:13). He is the only truth, and there is no truth outside of Him.

Truth is finite, not relative, because God is not relative. He decides what is true. He establishes what is true. He pronounces what is true because He designs truth, makes it and causes it to be. Nobody else knows it but Him because that is His being --- The Truth. And whatever He says is, is. His Word is a decree and once He pronounces it, nothing changes it.

There is nothing outside of Him. He is nature. He is us. He is the entire creation, because if He is removed from it all, it will all cease to be. He is the beginning. He is the end. He is also the middle and everything in-between. If He isn’t, nothing is. And there is nothing to compare Him to, because without Him, there is nothing to start with. He is science. He is Mathematics. He is Physics, Chemistry and Biology. He is Law. He is Astronomy. He is Theology. He is the mountain. He is the sea. He is the sun, the stars and the moon. He is the wind and the calming breeze.

He is the earth and the universe. He is all there is and nothing is, unless He is. He is the argument and the counter argument. He is man’s intelligence. And without Him, there is no man but an unsightly pile of organic mass. Not even the pile of organic mass would remain if He chooses not to keep it, otherwise, it would varnish altogether. Without Him, man would not have become a thought, much less the reality that he is today that continues to trouble God. So let us stop the back and forth and start with “In the beginning, God”. That is the only way we can find any true answers. It is the only cogent starting point for true science, true philosophy, true law, true astronomy, true engineering and any other field of study there is. HE IS GOD, and there is no other.

God is infinite energy plus the sum total of all the energies in the universe, visible and invisible; thermal, nuclear, sonic, light, magnetic, electrical, chemical, potential, hydrostatic, and all of the other forms of energy known and unknown.

God does not discriminate. To knowledge, He adds knowledge. To wisdom, He adds wisdom. To understanding, He adds understanding. To hard work, He adds results. To humility, He adds greatness. To obedience, He adds honor and to faithfulness, He adds favor.

God either retains the ‘master key’ equivalence of everything He made available to man; or remains solely in control of it. He gave us life, but it is not resident in us but rather radiates from Him. He gave us intelligence, yet He controls and directs it. He gives us knowledge but determines how much we acquire, the quality of it, and its usefulness to our lives. He gave us languages; yet He retains the master language. He gave us freedom to express our wills but closely monitors all our thoughts and actions, and demands accountability from us for every word we utter from our mouth.

Who Is God! (AUDIO BOOK)

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    Who Is God!

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    The Supremacy of God

    Pg. 15


    The Master Key

    Pg. 31


    Equal and Opposite Forces

    Pg. 51


    God Never Changes

    Pg. 61


    Everything Is Whatever God Says It Is

    Pg. 71


    About the Author

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    Other Titles From This Author

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