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The Spirit that is Grace is infinitely more powerful than all of nature put together! Grace can only be fathomed through faith in God, because Grace is the life-giving Spirit who is Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. The world and the entire universe are saturated with Grace—“who is over all and through all and in all.” (Ephesians 4:6)Human science’s estimation of the invisible universe is roughly 96% of the universe. That undetectable 96% is the overflowing Grace that saturates the world and the universe, plus multitudes of spiritual beings. While the overflowing Grace accounts for the so-called Dark Energy, the spiritual beings account for the so-called Dark Matter.

Because human science and the world do not know and acknowledge God, the undetectable 96% of the universe will forever remain elusive to human science. God is not a thing that science can dissect and analyze. So, since Grace is the Spirit of God, science’s disbelief of God would forever bar science from deciphering Grace. Scientific knowledge, however, is not separate from Bible knowledge. Scientific knowledge is a different perspective to God’s knowledge, metered out to mankind as our minds improve; to allow mankind to decipher deeper mysteries of God already covered in the Bible, thereby validating Bible knowledge.

Many who believe in God, who also believe strongly in science as being separate from the knowledge of God, may have a hard time believing the revelations in this book. Yet, they are the uncompromising truths of God. Your faith in God must be superior to your trust in science for you to be able to understand the mysteries of God revealed in the Bible. Conversely, any person’s unreasonable dismissal of scientific information makes the person ignorant of God’s revelations through knowledge. Therefore, we must embrace science through faith in God; and not try to build our faith in God through our understanding of science. Scientific knowledge can only confirm what you already know through your faith in God. Scientific knowledge cannot lead to faith in God, because facts do not require faith.

The Science of Grace

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    The Science of Grace

    Pg. 1


    The Threshold of Life

    Pg. 51


    There Are More Particles than We Know

    Pg. 67


    Only You Can Let The Devil into Your Life

    Pg. 81


    Grace Is Beyond Religion!

    Pg. 89


    Religion May Hamper True Worship of God!

    Pg. 101


    The Power of Grace

    Pg. 145


    The World has not seen a Single Religious War

    Pg. 153


    About the Author

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    Other Titles from This Author

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