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God communicates through subtle methods that can only be discerned. The organic mind must subjugate itself to the more superior human spirit for human intelligence to comprehend the intricate truths of God: The simple statement: “cursed is the ground because of you” (Genesis 3:17) is a declaration from God that everything on the earth, including human beings, had been genetically and spiritually altered by activated evil, which was unleashed upon the earth by Adam and Eve's rebellion against God, at the Garden of Eden.

Lamech's prophecy on his son Noah came true: Noah became a consolation to all human beings (Genesis 5:29). God started the whole world anew, reconstituted by Grace: He had covered over the old earth with new soil; replaced the cursed foliage with genetically altered vegetation; and the cursed animal stock, with genetically altered breeds, saved in the ark. It was indeed a new beginning with a truly wild side.

The Biological Food Chain did not come into existence until after the flood of Noah. That is why all the animals that were gathered into the ark, for safeguard from the great deluge, lived in perfect harmony with one another inside the ark for the entire duration of the flood--feeding on green vegetation, fruits and roots. The partitioning of the world into continent’s also happened about 105 years after the flood of Noah (Genesis 10:25).

Unlike Adam and Eve who were created without any evil in their genes; Noah and his family now had evil in their genes: The rot that comes from evil had been blended into their genes but made inert by abundant Grace. Sinful nature was born in mankind, and became a permanent part of every human child born into the world.

This sinful nature became fully evolved with the birth of Seth—the first man created in the image and likeness of the genetically modified Adam (Genesis 5:3). The name Adam is Hebrew word for “man”. God simply called the first man “man”. That way, all human beings after him, will take his name. Thus each of us—male and female—is Adam, but created in the image and likeness of Seth—the first of all modern mankind—the mankind that was created with a sinful nature.

After the flood subsided, men began to hunt animals for food; and animals started to stay away from the humans. And animals began to watch out for the animals that prey on them. This was the advent of the biological food chain that we know today. This is why the Bible called Nimrod “a mighty hunter before the Lord,” (genesis 10:8-9) meaning that Nimrod was very skillful at what he did—skillfulness which God bestowed on Nimrod to show others how to do it. Nimrod went ahead to build great cities because of the great gift he received from God.

It should be remembered that Abel, the second son of Adam and Eve, who was murdered by his brother Cain, kept animals—domesticated animals. All animals at the time of Abel could be domesticated because the food chain had not come into existence yet. Animals lived with Adam and Eve and roamed freely among them in the Garden of Eden. Abel reared animals after Adam and Eve had been driven away from the Garden of Eden because animals were not harmed in domestication; but were rather reared for their by-products.

There was no mention in the Bible of any animal hunting before the flood of Noah because there was no need to hunt animals before the flood. But when men were finally authorized to start killing animals for food; and animals were also authorized to hunt other animals for food; animals began to watch out for predators, to stay alive.

What is The Truth? (DIGITAL VERSION)

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    What Is The Truth?

    Pg.   3  


    What is Life?

    Pg.  19


    Why Does Jesus Christ Have to Die For the Sins of The World?

    Pg.  29


    Creation According To God

    Pg.  51


    True Evolution of Human Beings

    Pg.  79


    The Evolution of Plants And Animals

    Pg.  99


    The First Rain On The Earth Destroyed The World

    Pg.  107


    Sex Is A Distasteful Consequence Of The Original Sin

    Pg.  127


    Does Any Church Have A Better Truth Of God?

    Pg.  145


    A Friendly Reminder To The Servants Of God

    Pg.  159


    The Spirit Inside You Is The Life In You

    Pg.  167


    Knowledge Without God Is Destructive To Human Beings

    Pg.  181


    Why The End Must Come

    Pg.  189


    Why It Is Impossible to Get Back to Grace After Walking Away?

    Pg.  211


    Christ Rewards Your Every Sacrifice To Others

    Pg.  225


    Theologians Do Not Teach Faith

    Pg.  237


    About The Author

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    Other Titles From This Author

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