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Whoever says that sex is good is a liar! Sex is a spirit and sex is evil. And that is why sex burns so severely. Any preacher of the Christian faith that comes to conclude that sex is good actually learned it from the world; not from the Bible. The original sin at the Garden of Eden is a supernatural Big Bang. It was set off by mankind’s need to elevate the mind over the spirit; and it genetically altered all of God’s creation on the earth. The law they received was quite unlike any other law. Its potency and power changed entire destinies—not only the destiny of man but of God’s entire creation.

The fact that Adam and Eve were married to each other, and did not have any knowledge of, and the desire for sex, clearly demonstrates that marriage was not about sex. It shows that God designed marriage to be about close loving relationship and intimate companionship between a man and a woman, in a common life in which God remains a continuous and indispensable part of.

But the instant the couple ate the fruit from the forbidden tree they saw something evil in their nakedness—not nakedness itself. And once humanity lost holiness, human sexuality was activated, because that was a part of plan B that requires God’s grace through faith in His Son Jesus Christ. And there was no going back to God’s original plan for human increase and multiplication on the earth. Sex was an evil spirit that, unbeknown to them, was lurking under the power and authority they sought. And when it emerged, it threw them into fear, panic and confusion, with a disproportionate dose of remorse and repentance.

Their minds had changed radically enough that it now made them recognize something distasteful in their nakedness. Their disobedience started something within them that was not there before—sexual awareness and sexual desire! And they instantly realized that it was not good—especially as it pertains to their relationship with their loving Father, God, who had given them everything and had been spending good time with them.

And they reacted to this new awareness—their sexual awareness—by promptly sewing fig leaves together to cover it up. But covering their nakedness up with the fig leaves did not remove their new awareness from their minds. Because the awareness was still there, as soon as they heard the sound of God in the garden, they went into hiding.

Adam was not hiding from God because He was afraid of facing God’s anger. He was hiding from God because he was afraid to appear naked before God—a sense Adam never had until He ate fruit from the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil.

God said to the woman: “Your desire will be for your husband.” He also added, “and he will rule over you.”” (Genesis 3:16). And this last part literarily translates to: “you must listen to him, and bring him all that is good—not drag him into trouble” (Proverbs 31:12).

God had just set the precedence for the only permitted use for sex in the human society. Every other use of sex among human beings remains abominable.

And to Adam and Eve who were there at the Garden of Eden standing before God as He gave these commands, there was no confusion as to what desire God was ordering Eve about, because that desire was still fresh on them and still felt strangely uncomfortable to them; eliciting shame and embarrassment in them. So they got it!

This was the birth of human sexuality. And God had just sanctioned its use for procreation purposes, as He admonished the man and his wife for their recklessness and disregard for the commands of God. He sanctioned sex for human procreation because He had a contingency plan to rectify this human failure—sending His Son Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life to redeem mankind. God would not allow Satan to derail His eternal plan for humanity.

Human beings were created by God to never separate from God! This is the life God intended for humanity that unfortunately took a detour through man’s disobedience of God at the Garden of Eden.

Whoever Says That Sex Is Good, Is a Liar!

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    Whoever says that Sex is good is a Liar!



    Sex was never a consideration when God united Adam and Eve in Marriage



    Human Sexuality is Mankind’s Greatest Liability—an Unwanted Surprise!



    Sex Corrupts



    Sex Burns



    Sex is unholy



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